Research Recommendations

Problems facing Hamilton's Aboriginal people are complex

  • Solutions require a whole government approach - working collaboratively with First Nations leaders
  • Our Health Data demonstrates increasing disparities in the social determinants of health for urban Aboriginals
  • Needs inter sectorial partnerships to resolve

An urban Aboriginal specific, culturally based, community - driven strategy is required

  • Address inequalities in accessing social determinants of health in accordance with human rights legislation (housing, food security)
  • Chronic disease & disability is disproportionally felt
  • Municipal & provincial governments need to collaboratively to set priorities, preventative action & health promotion plans

Work with Aboriginal community leaders, municipal, provincial & federal governments to...

  • Remove barriers to equitable access to community health care, emergency departments & inpatient hospital services
  • Fund the development & expansion of culturally reflective, community based traditional family treatment centres, mental & maternal health services
  • Build cultural safety & competence skills recognizing Aboriginal world-view & healing practices
  • Promote self-determination in health care delivery, governance, research, planning, development, delivery & evaluation

Child Health Approach

  • Support children's language & cultural programming - include Aboriginal organizations & school boards
  • Eliminate barriers to primary health care, reduce wait lists, target health concerns in culturally sensitive ways
  • Support First Nations families in parenting their children in culturally supportive ways
  • Accord Aboriginal children their human right to live in healthy homes & attend schools / programs which do not worsen their health

Fund First Nations led applied service research

  • 'Our Health Counts' demonstrates research can be successfully done by Aboriginal people for the benefit of their community"
  • Planning is best done in respectful partnership
  • Support interagency collaboration & cooperation
  • Work with Aboriginal organizations & agencies & to gain knowledge, promote self-determination in planning, development, design, & delivery of culturally specific health services programs & policies